Ian Montgomery is a designer based in San Francisco. 

He has worked in-house for Chubbies and Areaware, and has been commissioned to paint murals around the San Francisco Bay Area. 

After graduating from Stanford with an environmental science degree, Ian switched gears from research to design. Buckminster Fuller said, "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something you must build a new model that makes the old model obsolete." Ian picked up what Bucky was putting down, and choose design as his tool to build with.

Down the line Ian plans to open his own studio focused on sustainable packaging design.


freelance inquiries: helloianmonty (at) gmail (dot) com




Stanford University - BS Earth Systems 2012

Pratt Institute - MS Package Design 2018


Heroes - Inspiration - Education


Barbara Stauffacher Solomon - for the sea ranch super graphics

Buckminster Fuller - for seeing a new future

Coleman Buckley - for doing the damn thing in his garage

Dave Eggers - for 826 and passing on the torch with style

Dr. Seuss - for accessible philosophy

Ethan Estess - for being a da vinci lorax

Gail Bichler - for the NY times mag

Geoff McFetridge - for bridging art and design

Herb Lubalin - for putting the ah! in typahgraphy

Howard Gossage - for thoughtful advertising

Ian Darling - for using stories to inform and inspire

Jeff Canham - for an unwavering hand

John Severson - for creating a culture

Lisa Smith - for embracing business as a tool

Louise Fili - for ornamentation in the era of modernism

Marion Fayolle - for the wordless narratives

Mary Oliver - for giving a lifeline to the weary

Nelson Mandela - for stepping into the messy reality of healing

Paula Scher - for all the NY public theater work

Rachel Carson - for calling a spade a spade

Ran Ortner - for dedication and skill

Reg Mombassa - for intelligent irreverence

Stewart Brand - for radical eco-pragmatism

Thomas Campbell - for fluidity across mediums

Willy Wonka - for pure imagination

Yvon Chouinard - for blazing the trail